Jekyll Carsd Theme Template - Demo (示范模板)

The Theme features (特点):

  • Gulp
  • Stylus (Jeet, Rupture, Kouto Swiss)
  • Live Search
  • Offcanvas Menu
  • SVG icons
  • Very very small and fast!
  • Shell Script to create posts
  • Tags page
  • Series page
  • About Me page
  • Feed RSS
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Color Customization
  • Info Customization

Basic Setup

  1. Install Jekyll
  2. Fork the Will Jekyll Template
  3. Clone the repo to location that you just forked.
  4. Edit _config.yml to personalize your site.
  5. Check out the sample posts in _posts to see examples for assigning categories and tags, and other YAML data.
  6. Read the documentation below for further customization pointers and documentation.

Site and User Settings

You have to fill some informations on _config.yml to customize your site.

# Site settings
description: A blog about lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
baseurl: "" # the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog/
url: "http://localhost:3000" # the base hostname & protocol for your site 

# User settings
username: Lorem Ipsum
user_description: Anon Developer at Lorem Ipsum Dolor
user_title: Anon Developer
twitter_username: lorem_ipsum
github_username:  lorem_ipsum
gplus_username:  lorem_ipsum
disqus_username: lorem_ipsum

Header Name

To use the power of CSS Content and media query, the header name is defined on src/styl/_header.styl. Change to your prefered name.

Color customization

All color variables are in src/styl/variable.
To change the main color, just set the new value at main assignment. Another colors are for texts and the code background color.

Theme Colors

修改theme-color.styl文件就可以 添加自己的颜色.
比如 第七行 下面加 青色.
post-aqua: #00FFFF, post-orange: #FFA500,

main-class: ‘aqua’

这就把 标记名字改了. 实际颜色没改 原因未知.

Every post has a main color that is defined on src/styl/_theme-colors.styl. Just create a new color with the prefix post- and define your main-class: ‘css’ and color: ‘#2DA0C3’ on every post you create.

Creating posts

You can use the to create your new posts. Just follow the command:

./ -c Post Title

The new file will be created at _posts with this format

Front-matter 头部信息

每新建一篇文章(blog), 都需要把 特别的头信息.放到新文章中.


layout: post
title: "Falando sobre RSCSS"
date: 2016-02-07 18:48:16
image: '/assets/img/rscss/rscss.png'
description: 'Escrevendo CSS sem perder a sanidade. Aprenda uma metodologia que pode salvar muitas dores de cabeça.'
main-class: 'css'
color: '#2DA0C3'
- css
- metodologia
- frontend
twitter_text: 'Escrevendo CSS sem perder a sanidade.'
introduction: 'Escrevendo CSS sem perder a sanidade. Com essa introdução, Rico St. Cruz o criador chama a atenção de todos sobre uma metodologia melhor para se escrever CSS.'