Man ls

LS(1) BSD General Commands Manual LS(1)

NAME ls – list directory contents

SYNOPSIS ls [-ABCFGHLOPRSTUW@abcdefghiklmnopqrstuwx1] [file …]

DESCRIPTION For each operand that names a file of a type other than directory, ls displays its name as well as any requested, associated information. For each operand that names a file of type directory, ls displays the names of files contained within that directory, as well as any requested, asso- ciated information.

 If no operands are given, the contents of the current directory are dis-
 played.  If more than one operand is given, non-directory operands are
 displayed first; directory and non-directory operands are sorted sepa-
 rately and in lexicographical order.

 The following options are available:

 -@      Display extended attribute keys and sizes in long (-l) output.

 -1      (The numeric digit ``one''.)  Force output to be one entry per
         line.  This is the default when output is not to a terminal.

 -A      List all entries except for . and ...  Always set for the super

*Synopsis 大概: ls [-ABCFGHLOPRSTUW@abcdefghiklmnopqrstuwx1] [file …]

ls -A 显示所有文件. 除了. .. 目录 ls -a 显示所有文件. ls -B ls -C 默认参数 多栏目输出.